Meet The Bachelor’s Hannah B. After Colton Underwood’s One-On-One

For Bachelor fans who want Hannah Brownto open up more, look no further.

We did the honors and scoured her Instagram for the deep, emotional deets that Colton Underwood so desperately sought on their one-on-one date. Luckily, Hannah’s public profile dates all the way back to 2012 (!!!) and gives plenty of insight on the model’s life. For example, Hannah is clearly dog lover, is close to her family and loves kids. The evidence is all there.

Plus, it helps that Hannah B. is basically a public figure in her home state of Alabama. She has made headlines for her charitable deeds, pageant looks and, now, her appearance on the national stage.

And there is so much more for Colton to learn about the elusive figure, but it’s probably easier to just take a gander at the info compiled from her social. To learn more, check out below the five things Hannah’s Instagram revealed.